You can upload a custom avatar now 😎

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@pixelfed is it open for everyone? I just tried to update mine from mobile & desktop and I got a 'whoops something's wrong screen' :-(

@lamnatos @pixelfed I'm using firefox on windows. The text field doesn't show the path to the image but it worked anyway when I clicked the Submit button πŸ”˜

@pixelfed Why captchas upon login? Do they not suffice for registration?

@pixelfed Avatar
worked and looks nice. But i'm also annoyed by the captcha!

@pixelfed I just signed up! I have been looking to leave instacrap for a while!

@pixelfed nice! are u planning anything about making a 1440p screen used more? my browser screen is more than 2/3rds white/empty space

@pixelfed The on screen feedback for this is confusing. It doesn't look like it's doing anything, even though it does if you hit submit after selecting an image.

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