Federation Status: You can discover pixelfed profiles and status by searching the url on other federated software.

The pixelfed inbox is not live yet so following a user, boosting a post, replying to a post and liking a post does nothing. We are getting close to pushing basic inbox support!

@pixelfed Does this contradict the documentation in the pixelfed github repo which suggests that federation is not ready yet?

@zacbir No, when pixelfed fully supports federation, that will be updated.

@pixelfed do you have any plan for android/ios apps? it's really hard to upload using mobile browserspecially when are on slow connection or need to make some edits on pic :-)

@pixelfed cool, hope they'll be out of development phase ASAP.

@mansoor @pixelfed yeah hi I'm working on one right now and so is @morii

I can't think of a name so I've been holding off launching a project account lol

@crushv @pixelfed @morii LOL, good job, waiting for your ones too. hope you'll make a great one.

@crushv cool, i'll check, can i compile and use it right now? on any of android or gnu'linux?

@mansoor im currently focusing on implementing the api code before integrating it with the ui so its not there yet. you can compile morii though and it currently loads and displays a timeline from

both projects use the flutter framework which allows for building for ios and android

@pixelfed please excuse any misunderstanding but does this mean I can now search a pixelfed url on mastodon ? I have tried but got no result

@pixelfed weird, i'm already subscribed to several pixelfed people on mastodon

@oreolek @pixelfed

I can see me at @eloisa but I think Dan meant that nothing happens on the pixelfed side if you fav/comment something?

Wanna test it? I have 1 photo federated already there!

@pixelfed What URI do I have to search for? If I search for "" on I can't find anything?
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