@pixelfed It looks really nice but I prefer the one on the mastodon account personally.

@deadsuperhero @pixelfed same, theyre both good but i think i like the old one more (too much g r a d i e n t on this one)

@deadsuperhero @pixelfed I know the new one is supposed to be a camera shutter but I preferred the flower too!

@pixelfed YES! This is the logo. The other one was never quite right. This is. This is just perfect.

@pixelfed I like it... but less than the one you just had.

@omnipotens @hund

We're going to need to replace the :pixelfed: emoji with their updated logo


Curious: why did the project changed logo? (I was away for a time)

@pixelfed I really miss the former flower shape! 😭

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