We regret to announce that federation support won't be released today.

I found some bugs in HTTP Signature validation logic that needs to be fixed before a proper release. Should be fixed and ready in a day or two!

@pixelfed don't stress yourself out ❤️ You've already done amazing work, one or two days (or a week or a month) is not gonna undo that

@pixelfed success! Would be very nice to read a blog about all the tricky aspects you encountered with the federation part of the system.

@pixelfed and lots of luck with the last fixes for federation support!

@pixelfed this is responsible and also the preferred response to discovering issues or bugs on the day of release. Users want a secure and working product delivered a little late not half assed code thrown together! Great work guys

@pixelfed it's a great feature, so I'll wait for it! wanna setup PixelFed instance on my vps.

@pixelfed nevermind. But please stay on a day of two to publish the upgrade and don't postpone the appointment to the 17th of the next month.
All the days are beautiful... 😉

@pixelfed @dansup

Don't worry we are learing patience. Thanks for all the work already done.
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