@wakest @matrix *1994 Net.Sociology/Etiquette writer voice* "The Fediverse can be thought of as a 'psychic superset' of ActivityPub."

@wakest @matrix (... to be clear, I'm phrasing this sarcastically but, like, I mean this 85+% unironically. I'm riffing off of this: albion.com/netiquette/book/096 )

@gaditb @matrix I think the term fediverse becomes sort of useless unless it is understood that "fediverse software talks to eachother"

@wakest @matrix I think the idea of "the potential interactions and avenues they could happen within, and the way the individuals in the network think about them", is both a very useful idea, and is in fact the idea that is being used when people talk about being "on the fediverse".

@gaditb @matrix my response was in reference to whether the fediverse includes other federated things like Matrix or XMPP which I think it should not include those things. Though language is valuable and not controlled so this will only ever be "decided" colloquially over time.

@wakest @matrix Ah! I agree with you about that -- I was just tweaking SLIGHTLY that it isn't so much the PROTOCOL that defines "the fediverse", as people's conception of WHAT "SPACES" are REACHED/DEFINED by the protocol.

@gaditb we should convince them to come over here and do a story on some fedi mystery. we got piles of them

@wakest IIRC, I think I've seen one of them say, something?, about Mastodon before.
(But also like, I'm,, nervous about being Pushy..)

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