A few people have suggested pixelfed as an alternative to tumblr but we do not allow text-only posts.

If you are looking for a federated tumblr alternative please consider the following projects:

- Pleroma (

- Mastodon (

- Misskey (

@pixelfed one of the points is that none of these are a tumblr alternative (and pixelfed isn't either). tumblr has some very specific behavior that a federated version would need to inherit.

@pixelfed tumblr has this concept of "carried reblogs", where you reblog a post and add your own text, and if someone reblogs *your* post, then the original post comes with it. and a "post" overall consists of this chain of reblogs that shows up as one continuous block on your dash. it's an important part of tumblr's functionality; it's why many of its community's quirks exist.

@obw @pixelfed pleroma might be closer than mastodon at least. Longer posts anyway even if not a tumble blog

@obw @pixelfed Eh, seems like replicating the core functionality of Tumblr requires a photo wall mode and a similar full page post fee. I've seen the photo wall implemented on a few gay torrent trackers quite nicely, makes browsing quite enjoyable.

It likely isn't a herculean task to make an MVP of this, could probably be just a bit of javascript to add to Masto or Pleroma to modify the frontend...

@pixelfed Misskey might be interesting, but their home page isn't very informative :-/

@pixelfed If anyone wants help setting up Pleroma using Heroku and S3, I'm probably releasing a guide in the next while. 💚

@pixelfed while a lot of people do post just text, fanartists in particular are the ones being affected by tumblr. And fanartists post... art.

@Magess @pixelfed and Mastodon is a twitter alternative not a Tumblr alternative

@wolfie well, Pixelfed is an Instagram alternative. But that means it's image-based, which seems better for artists?

@wolfie Sorry, I think now maybe you were agreeing with me :)

@Magess no worries ^^ yeah I was reacting to pixelfed thinking Mastodon is a Tumblr alternative cos it really isn't, pixelfed could definitely be a good place for artists!

I agree, #Friendica and maybe the future version of #Osada with the threaded comments (or I misunderstood it, if so, ignore my suggestion).

@pixelfed @obw @Hyp🌧lite Pe☂ov🍃n (he/him) @Ms Andi N. Fiziks, Space Pope @Meryl S.K.⚢ @Magess
@pixelfed I don't think you quite get who is being recommended Pixelfed from tumblr. When I am recommending places to artists who are migrating from tumblr to other platforms i have been recommending* pixelfed over using another service like Newgrounds or Instagram that they might want to link to on like a twitter or their tumblr (they still use) or even on their own mastodon account. Pixelfed has a significant advantage over other gallery styled websites in that it has a significantly larger built in audience** of non-artists who want to consume content with similarly non-draconian content policies.

* every recommendation is a delayed 'ill let you know when they federate' not an actual recommendation

** theoretical until federated otherwise

@pixelfed another one, just for having alternatives:

XMPP based, federated social network

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