A few people have suggested pixelfed as an alternative to tumblr but we do not allow text-only posts.

If you are looking for a federated tumblr alternative please consider the following projects:

- Pleroma (

- Mastodon (

- Misskey (

@pixelfed one of the points is that none of these are a tumblr alternative (and pixelfed isn't either). tumblr has some very specific behavior that a federated version would need to inherit.

@pixelfed tumblr has this concept of "carried reblogs", where you reblog a post and add your own text, and if someone reblogs *your* post, then the original post comes with it. and a "post" overall consists of this chain of reblogs that shows up as one continuous block on your dash. it's an important part of tumblr's functionality; it's why many of its community's quirks exist.

@obw @pixelfed pleroma might be closer than mastodon at least. Longer posts anyway even if not a tumble blog

@obw @pixelfed Eh, seems like replicating the core functionality of Tumblr requires a photo wall mode and a similar full page post fee. I've seen the photo wall implemented on a few gay torrent trackers quite nicely, makes browsing quite enjoyable.

It likely isn't a herculean task to make an MVP of this, could probably be just a bit of javascript to add to Masto or Pleroma to modify the frontend...

@pixelfed Misskey might be interesting, but their home page isn't very informative :-/

@pixelfed If anyone wants help setting up Pleroma using Heroku and S3, I'm probably releasing a guide in the next while. 💚

Since people are just up and promoting whatever on here, I think new people coming here should know that Pleroma was developed by a fascist and maybe wouldn't be a place to recommend to people trying to get away from a bad experience


@msk "Pleroma was developed by a fascist" - source? @pixelfed

@msk That is not true at all, in fact the pleroma developers have been nothing but supportive of pixelfed and other ActivityPub projects.

@pixelfed Ah, so nazis shake your hand and give you help and you say thanks

I see

@msk @pixelfed

you're making really strong accusations that
1. don't say specifically to who ("pleroma developers")
2. don't say what they actually said that turns them into "Nazis"
3. doesn't have sources

no one will believe you.

@msk @pixelfed Evidence is a great thing to present when throwing around accusations like that.

That which is presented without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

@pixelfed while a lot of people do post just text, fanartists in particular are the ones being affected by tumblr. And fanartists post... art.

@Magess @pixelfed and Mastodon is a twitter alternative not a Tumblr alternative

@wolfie well, Pixelfed is an Instagram alternative. But that means it's image-based, which seems better for artists?

@wolfie Sorry, I think now maybe you were agreeing with me :)

@Magess no worries ^^ yeah I was reacting to pixelfed thinking Mastodon is a Tumblr alternative cos it really isn't, pixelfed could definitely be a good place for artists!

I agree, #Friendica and maybe the future version of #Osada with the threaded comments (or I misunderstood it, if so, ignore my suggestion).

@pixelfed @obw @Hyp🌧lite Pe☂ov🍃n (he/him) @Ms Andi N. Fiziks, Space Pope @Meryl S.K.⚢ @Magess
@pixelfed I don't think you quite get who is being recommended Pixelfed from tumblr. When I am recommending places to artists who are migrating from tumblr to other platforms i have been recommending* pixelfed over using another service like Newgrounds or Instagram that they might want to link to on like a twitter or their tumblr (they still use) or even on their own mastodon account. Pixelfed has a significant advantage over other gallery styled websites in that it has a significantly larger built in audience** of non-artists who want to consume content with similarly non-draconian content policies.

* every recommendation is a delayed 'ill let you know when they federate' not an actual recommendation

** theoretical until federated otherwise

@pixelfed another one, just for having alternatives:

XMPP based, federated social network

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