The new tumblr inspired "micro" UI is ready! It will be released with federation support.

@pixelfed I like this one, makes the photo the most important part of the page, and it's better IMO !

@pixelfed hello Dansup. What about the federation? When will it be effective for all of us?

@pixelfed So that black bars on the second image is a feature and not a bug?

@pixelfed you mentioned earlier that text posts would only show on this ui, why is that? that sounds like it would just make things more confusing

@pixelfed Looks spiffy. Is there a dark theme included?

@pixelfed Woah, have considered making this the default? It looks quite unique even if inspired by Tumblr, contrary to the current theme which is a little too much of an Instagram clone. I think for Pixelfed to be considered as something serious, having its own UI will play a big role, so that it does not feel like “someone trying to copy Instagram”, and therefore a bit shady, to new users. Then having the Instagram one as an option is nice. This project is super promising and this UI is too!

@nclm @pixelfed Thanks! I think I will keep the classic UI as the default because that is what people are most familiar with.

@devinius stop wasting other people's time and nerves by being aggressively demanding about their free and open source work 🙄 @dansup

@devinius @pixelfed @dansup if users don’t want to use it, there’s no point in it having technical features like federation...?

@pixelfed is the new MicroUI available now? Can't find it in the settings on 😕

@pixelfed That's really cool!

Where can we see related the GitHub issue, pull request or commits?

Also, is it available right now? I can't find it in the settings... 🤔

And I think this should be the default UI, it looks much cleaner, plus maintaining two different frontends must be very demanding and seems like wasted effort...

And by the way thanks for building Pixelfed, it's great! @dansup

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