The new tumblr inspired "micro" UI is ready! It will be released with federation support.

@pixelfed I like this one, makes the photo the most important part of the page, and it's better IMO !

@pixelfed hello Dansup. What about the federation? When will it be effective for all of us?

@pixelfed So that black bars on the second image is a feature and not a bug?

@pixelfed you mentioned earlier that text posts would only show on this ui, why is that? that sounds like it would just make things more confusing

@pixelfed Looks spiffy. Is there a dark theme included?

@pixelfed Woah, have considered making this the default? It looks quite unique even if inspired by Tumblr, contrary to the current theme which is a little too much of an Instagram clone. I think for Pixelfed to be considered as something serious, having its own UI will play a big role, so that it does not feel like “someone trying to copy Instagram”, and therefore a bit shady, to new users. Then having the Instagram one as an option is nice. This project is super promising and this UI is too!

@nclm @pixelfed Thanks! I think I will keep the classic UI as the default because that is what people are most familiar with.

@nclm I personally would prefer this by default, and completely agree about copy software feeling shady... ever seen Kingsoft Office..? It feels shady 😉
I mean hey, both look nice to use still. @pixelfed

@devinius stop wasting other people's time and nerves by being aggressively demanding about their free and open source work 🙄 @dansup

@devinius @pixelfed @dansup if users don’t want to use it, there’s no point in it having technical features like federation...?

@pixelfed is the new MicroUI available now? Can't find it in the settings on 😕

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