@pixelfed @dansup A small question on all these "import" features: will they work for huge 1GB+ archives for instances behind cloudflare with their ~50MB upload limit? That is, does pixelfed expect a whole archive POST-ed to it as a single chunk of data?

@pixelfed Cool! What exactly will this import? I don't want a thousand reblogs to be reposted under my name. Also what happens to posts with a high character count?

Also, I have a JSON blob ready to go that is the state of my archive pre-Tumblrpocalypse. Will I be able to import that instead of importing directly from Tumblr?

@pixelfed how is this gonna work? because they took three days to make a backup of my account and when i try to download their server keeps cutting off the connection after few MB and there's no way to resume it even with a download manager

@ranx @pixelfed lol, if it really does not work annoy them. it's a #GDPR right that you can access the data like that, so the download should not break…

@pixelfed @mjalte maybe u could be interested migrating your tumblr stuff to Pixelfed?

@pixelfed hey @dansup sorry.. just a curiosity. Is it planned to add also direct messages support on ? I'm asking this because I was asking some friends to join, but it seems that this is a major feature still lacking here. I know the development is still going, but it's just a feedback I received and I wanted to share ;)

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