:pixelfed: Update: We have successfully tested federation (following, likes, shares and replies).

Our goal is to deploy this to a few instances this week and work out any bugs before the v1.0 release.

@pixelfed Before release, we would like to translate, review and correct.

@pixelfed Nice but when will my account finally be deleted?
I have already asked for it 3 or 4 times.

@pixelfed I'm sorry, but that is quite a mess... you should always be able to delete accounts, when the user him/ her self isn't able to do it for him/her self. And: user self deletion is a MUST HAVE feature! @teebeuteltier

@pixelfed Written at the last second or what?
Suddenly you arrive with something like that, it's not okay.

It is always communicated what is done but if the user really wants something nothing happens.

Come up with something! It's my (our) data what this is about!


Well, Pixelfed was and still is considered Alfa-Software. So if people registered and used it production-like, it may be their own fault.
@pixelfed @ein_marco

@tobi I do think, that any kind of option to delete even an alpha account should be mandatory and not something you may implement after a video option or something like that. Don't you think? @teebeuteltier @pixelfed

Maybe it's an alpha, but then you don't open it for everyone. You let some users test it until it's ready. But that's just my opinion.

@pixelfed @ein_marco

@pixelfed Woooh! This is already going to be the best Christmas time in a long time! You're very dedicated. This is exciting for expanding the use-case of the #fediverse

@pixelfed "bugs" would include the inability to delete accounts, right?

@pixelfed Can i ask about accessibility? Image descriptions (both auto and not) and the like. Is this a thing/going to be a thing?

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