The priority after federation support is mobile APIs.

We are working with a few mobile developers to ensure they have the right tools to build amazing apps and experiences.

Are y'all gonna support client2server ActivityPub?

@meff C2S is not on the roadmap for v1.0. It may be supported in the future.

@pixelfed Android Dev and I'm interested in building something for PixelFed. How do I get connected? Thanks.

@pixelfed Congrats on the launch! I'm not sure my account @stevestreza is federating. No rush on finding a fix, I don't mind waiting a bit longer, just wanted to let you know in case it helped finding bugs.

@stevestreza That bug was fixed a few hours ago, should work for new posts you create!

@pixelfed It is indeed fixed, thank you so much! Amazing work!

@pixelfed hi! I still can't find people from other instances in the search bar. Are we available to follow different pixelfed instances from I cant wait! 😃

@pixelfed That's great news :yayblob: I very much hope you have @ConnyDuck onboard. He made #Tusky which is simply great and I think I remember him saying that he wanted to build a Pixelfed App right when Pixelfed was first announced

@pixelfed I am excited to see this news. I look forward to a Pixelfed app for iOS or integration with an existing iOS tooter.

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