Hello fediverse,

We just want to remind you that we have no official or flagship instance, and we don't plan on endorsing any in the future.

If you are looking for a pixelfed instance to join, checkout or

@pixelfed you should probably link that on the official website somewhere obvious bc i had no idea

looking forward to finding a good instance (i think monsterpit is rolling one?) and dropping my instagram

@pixelfed @dansup Dude you should definitely doing an easy install I'm struggling. For Ubuntu 18.04 please! 😆 🎅

@pixelfed Not sure I'd get too excited about all of this, no one can tell me what federation features actually work. I can't find any.

@Faggit @pixelfed E.g. open my pixelfed account in Mastodon: @GidiKroon, there you'll see two posts that were made on, but are visible in Mastodon as if they were toots.

@Faggit @GidiKroon @pixelfed That is because you are on a different server. Unless someone from your server follows a user, your server isn't delivered posts from that user.

@dansup @GidiKroon @pixelfed This happens for no other account I've looked up. So what ACTUALLY WORKS?

@Faggit @GidiKroon @pixelfed Do you see all the replies, likes and shares on this post?

Do you see how many remote followers I have?

Follow @pixeldev for dev updates.

@dansup @pixeldev @pixelfed @GidiKroon @Faggit actually, nobody sees how many followers you have because it's hidden behind login

@dansup @GidiKroon @pixelfed @pixeldev
What good does that do if I can't find anyone or follow anyone from Mastodon instances. Your followers and likes prove nothing. It's a sham.

@Faggit My Pleroma instance actually behaves this way for all accounts I try to follow. I never see old posts and stats.

Today I registered on a Mastodon instance and saw that sometimes those numbers get populated. *shrug*

Maybe Pixelfed simply doesn’t interop with Mastodon for these user stats.

You should still be able to follow Pixelfed users and their posts should start showing up, right?

@pixelfed @GidiKroon @dansup

@ivan @pixelfed @GidiKroon @dansup I'm sorry to be bitter, but I'm... Well, BITTER. You've been promising this for months and months, and now it supposedly works, but I see no change at all. I'm frustrated!!!

@Faggit @ivan @pixelfed @GidiKroon Something is obviously wrong with your instance, I can follow accounts just fine from this mastodon instance.

@Faggit @dansup @ivan @pixelfed @GidiKroon lol nothing is "obviously" wrong with my instance, folks. Check this out: -- both a specific account AND a specific pixelfed post can be found via search function in mastodon (this or any other instance)

@Faggit @dansup @ivan @pixelfed @GidiKroon no problem. To summarize: subscribing to anyone (mastodon or PF or whatever) will not backfill old posts, only show you new ones going forward. You can, however, put a specific post's URL into the search function and it will pull this particular one.

@bedtimedrillsgt @dansup @ivan @pixelfed @GidiKroon So is pixelfed actually federating? I don't see anything changing.

@Faggit @dansup @ivan @pixelfed @GidiKroon I think so, why not? I am following Gidi now, when he posts something it'll show up.

@bedtimedrillsgt I can't see other stuff in Pixelfed, and I can't see Pixelfed stuff in Mastodon. I can see Dansup's old stuff but not my own. What am I missing? My stuff over on pixelfed is public. If pixelfed is federating, it should show up, right?

@bedtimedrillsgt So what am I doing wrong? Why can I see dansup's old stuff but not my own?

@Faggit you'll see everything the instance has pulled previously for whatever reason that pulling might have happened. This will be incomplete data. From the moment you subscribe to something on, going forward, you will see what you subscribed to. The past is a patchwork, the future is complete. Basically.

@bedtimedrillsgt So it is federating out but not in? And I don't see my old stuff because no one on our instance has asked for it before, is that right, Sir?

@Faggit it's federating from the point in time on that someone subscribes (the future, not the past) and yes you don't see old stuff unless someone subscribed to it

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@dansup @ivan @pixelfed @GidiKroon Just tried a different instance, same situation there. It's not my instance.

@dansup @ivan @pixelfed @GidiKroon Ok so what am I doing wrong? What works and what doesn't? Why can't I get a simple answer on that question? Can anyone make this clear?

@dansup @Faggit @ivan @pixelfed @GidiKroon we all have trouble with federation. There are much more bugs you don't know.

@Faggit once you follow people from any Pixelfed instance, their posts will show up. If other people on your instance follow Pixelfed accounts, these posts will already be in your instance.

That's the same with remote people from other Mastodon instances.

However, a peek at the local timeline of pixelfed while not logged in would help...

@Faggit I was not promising anything, I assure you; I am not working on Pixelfed and have not even used it yet.

@dansup @GidiKroon @pixelfed
Sorry, I couldn't tell; I am first on the @mention list :-)

@pixelfed How useable for a general user-base is pixelfed atm? Also, is it possible to hotlink images shared on p-fed elsewhere, and if so is it frowned upon to do so?

@pixelfed @chartier are there “recommended” instances? I want to post pics of the baby (and other family type stuff).

@gregatron5 @pixelfed @chartier if I would be your baby I would sue u in the future. There is another more private federation called email :whoa:

@pixelfed This is a great first step IMHO, what about going further and directing user toward easy self hosting directly..something like a easy documentation to make it work ?

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