@pixelfed niice, im excited. the neutering of the instagram desktop ui was pretty much when i checked out.

@pixelfed The Micro UI looks really good! I love the implementation you have for notes! This is vastly superior to the system that Tumblr uses. The one constructive criticism that I have is that post differentiation is unnecessary, as Mastodon and Pixelfed already demonstrate. The upload process can sort file type automatically and this ends up just taking up unnecessary space in the UI. I'd recommend keeping something like Mastodon's message and attachment format as a unified item in your bar. A second item could be a Favorites column, which is currently a bit difficult to access in both Mastodon and Pixelfed. Then a third item could be a Collections column, which would feature a great part of Pixelfed which Tumblr does not even have. The design you have for this bar is great and it is better than Tumblr's design for their bar. Although it looks good and would look familiar to Tumblr users, it is definitely a dated and obsolete concept that you don't need to reference. Replace it with something that has more value for all the features that you offer.

Thank you for sharing your updates! It is really fun to watch your progress!

@pixelfed will the sidebars be available in light theme?

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