v0.8.0 will be shipping soon! 🚀

- Mobile APIs
- Improved federation
- Stories
- MicroUI

@pixelfed Sounds great. What do you think when can you publish a detailed documentation about the installation and maintenance of Pixelfed?

@christian We plan to release more documentation this month!

@pixelfed i have problems loading photo.
This is Google Chrome for Android.

Stories will be kind of like albums?

Man that's exciting!

@pixelfed @˗ˏˋ wakest ˎˊ˗ @pixelfed development @Christian Felber @Vitaly Astakhov @arteteco Instagram has Stories, these are temporary images from your day that disappears after viewing and not part of your albums, kind of like Snapchat.
@snder soon as this month.

Above tasks are scheduled for Jan 2019

@underbrain Hi, we responded. Sorry about the delay - sometimes we don't see all our notifications.

@pixelfed can't want to see someone develop a mobile app to work with all this stuff!

@pixelfed Does "Improved Federation" cover the subscription of other Fediverse (Masto, Pixelfed, Pleroma) *from* Pixelfed?

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