Inspired by Twitter, we took our data export tool to the next level. It will be shipping in v0.9.0! 🚀

@rysiek Yes, it will load posts in timelines sorted by month/year.

@pixelfed Looks awesome!!!

Is the preview page password protected to view? (Do I have to be logged in as me?)

Can the URL be changed/refreshed by the user in case of a breach?

@zatnosk You need to be logged in to view this, and you can only view your own backup regardless of the URL.

@pixelfed Okay good. I was just a bit worried by the disclaimer, but I guess it still applies to the downloaded version.

@zatnosk The disclaimer is present because it's a copy of the backup download.

@pixelfed Disclaimer: The download button will only be available after you request the backup. It takes some time to generate the backup. It will send you an email when its ready to download!

@pixelfed Glad to see all the work on it! I can't wait to try it out. I tried to launch 0.7.6 using the Dockerfile, but I think that was the tag that doesn't work with the pgsql driver right?

Woot! Data mobility, This should be default with all social media websites

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