Instagram/Tumblr Import will launch in v0.9.0 too!

the one thing im missing is a notication indicator/counter which updates without reloading. my tabs are open for days and a dont get a notification when someone replies to my posts until i reload and check if there is some new entry in the notifications list. for that i would wish there is a "read" button.. nonetheless keep up the good work!

@pixelfed That's a nice feature. Everything that makes it easier for new users to migrate is nice.


Excellent, looking forward to it. Id love to contribute to this project if there is work to be done.

@pixelfed @dansup
I've got feedback from some heavy Instagram users that Instagram Import is the second most important feature for them (after federation). More important than MicroUI, Stories, etc.

Basically, lack of import is a show-stopper for them. Especially considering that Import does not seem to make sense for established accounts, and so if they migrate now, they won't be able to Import once it is implemented.

Would be great if you'd consider prioritizing it over other features.

@penartur @dansup Thanks for the feedback!

IG Import will backdate all imported posts, allowing existing accounts to use Import without flooding their followers timelines.

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