Accessibility is important.

Instance admins will be able to enforce media descriptions!

I can't wait for thousands of descriptions that are just "."

@pea @pixelfed People would ALWAYS try to game the system, either legit or maliciously! :blobnom:

@pixelfed Just make it easy to do it as well.

The problem is that sometimes it's actually not accessible to add the descriptions!!

How will that work with images coming in from other instances?

@webmind This would only be enforced for local posts if the instance admin requires it.

@pixelfed may I suggest to make that clear in the option?

@pixelfed thank you. I think there should be at least a reminder. Too often i just forget to describe the media.

@pixelfed Sometimes my Toot already contains everything to describe the attached image. What do I do in such a case? Write "See Toot"?

@pixelfed Can we get it set to "on" by default, pretty please? 🙂 Acessibility nudges by default would really help drive adoption rates.

@pixelfed side note: alt texts are also useful to non-disabled people if they're on a shitty (mobile) data connection and images won't load.

@pixelfed I do use alt media descriptions on mastodon most of the time. Also sometimes on sice I discovered that 'feature'.
Is release 0.8 also sharing the pics incl. description with federated platforms?
Actual I can't see descriptions in mastodon but on pixelfed

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