We are working with other projects to take ActivityPub to the next level with new features like Ephemeral Stories and Live Streaming.

It will be a great year!

@pixelfed that actually makes me (a little bit) sad, those two features, together with the non chronological timeline, broke Instagram for me personally 😕

@optikfluffel @pixelfed Don't know about live streaming because is a thing that I've tested once but stories is a cool concept that allows a more personal interaction with the network

@yabirgb @pixelfed that may be, but it also makes you have to check back way more often to not "miss" things, when they disappear after a day.
Apart from that I noticed that many people I followed stopped posting photos all together, to just take shaky, short videos of things that could easily have been cool pictures.

@optikfluffel @pixelfed I'm not checking all the time those stories but it's true that it can generate some issues (stress, anxiety...) Maybe is a good moment to go back to paper with stories and think in an implementation where you can avoid this. The second point is just another type of freedom to the author about what should or shouldn't be in her/his profile. It's just my opinion but I find this thread useful

@yabirgb @pixelfed I definitely think there's a place for something like stories, but I think it's also sad, that this turned instagram from some sort of flickr+twitter mashed together thingy to basically snapchat xD

@pixelfed Will the client APIs come before or after those features? I really hope there's a better way to upload photos than the mobile website.

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