@pixelfed I almost got into music instead of webdev, this contains one of the first songs I created!

Here is the full version of the song

@jlelse @pixelfed Thanks, yes I have a few more but they aren't as polished.

@pixelfed How can stories that “disappear” be done in a federated system with open source clients where a client may as well not remove the story?

@nw @pixelfed Buffering clients are a problem. The APub endpoint on the Pixelfed server will likely be 404'd in 24h, but the mirrors on some APub servers (I believe Masto has one for instance) will probably keep it for a while.

@nw @pixelfed This is even worse in a DHT'd system (wink Blockchains and Aether), but those are for another day.

Hum! Should I trust the release date? 🤣🤣

Looking forward to it!

Since this is a very international and federated software, can you please use the ISO 8601 format for dates? The other ones are confusing 😅


@pixelfed What is the correct capitalization of the brand? Pixelfed, PixelFed or pixelfed?

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