Ephemeral Posts are coming to :pixelfed:

We are working with Pleroma developers to ensure full support between Pixelfed and Pleroma!

@kaniini has created the LitePub extension, and we look forward to working with them on this new and exciting feature.


We want to make it clear that Ephemeral Posts are different than Stories.

Ephemeral posts will be visible in timelines until they are deleted, whereas Stories won't be visible in timelines and have their own UI.

@pixelfed I think there should be notice somewhere that Ephemeral posts are not really "ephemeral", due to Fediverse nature. Some instance may ignore "delete" event and cache all images.

@Groosha Anyone can screenshot a snap. Anyone can screen record a Story. This problem has nothing to do with federation, it's the nature of the internet. Once you upload or share something, you lose full control.

@pixelfed I know.
When large companies use words "ephemeral", "secret", "encrypted", most of times it's marketing bullshit to increase revenue and/or gain investments.

Should Fediverse behave similarly? Idk.
That's not a rant of course, just some thoughts.

@Groosha Those are technical terms that marketing sometimes overstates, we do not have shareholders or stock markets to impress.

Comparing us to them is insulting, you know we are not the same.

@pixelfed I am sorry if it sounded offensive. I didn't mean that

@Groosha No worries, we understand that some announcements may not be worded properly and appreciate feedback like this. We are doing our best to improve photo sharing for everyone and we can't do this alone!

@pixelfed @Groosha so don't act the same. Do your best to call it what it is. I know "temporarily boosted" doesn't sound as hip, but it's be more accurate right? I'm sure if we spend a day or two we can find a good word for this.

If I'm a dev working on something, and I don't want it cut, I'll invest this effort

@pixelfed @Groosha temporary boost?
Message of the moment?
Aether Shout?
Live message?

@pixelfed @Groosha this UX is definitely worth thinking about for a day or two. Shaping expectations is hard but infinitely worth it not to disappoint users

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