We used to be the #1 alternative to Instagram on but someone marked our project as "Discontinued" because registration is closed on a specific instance.

Pixelfed has never been more alive!

@pixelfed it sucks... i can't even suggest a modification cause one is already being reviewed. Hope PixelFed will soon be back on tracks on AlternativeTo :)

@pixelfed >facepalm<
Looks like someone missed the entire point!

@pixelfed you could add the project site as different alternative and upvote that alternative.

@pixelfed Semi-related, is there a reason registration to is closed? I'd love to recommend friends to join, but I think fed-newbies would be more comfortable with their data on a large, default instance.

@mrbean Hi, pixelfed does not have any default/official/flagship instance, nor does the project endorse any specific instance.

@dansup closed registration to encourage growth of other instances!

@pixelfed probably writing a more descriptive text would help.
Registration closed in this node. You can still register in these [list of instances]

Also. "in this instance" can be wrongly interpreted as "at this time AKA forever" (that's what I interpreted and almost gave up)


Oddly I can't login to that site It keeps sending me to the create account page

I guess some people still don't get the idea behind federation. Pixelfed isn't a website!

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