A year ago, the only person who knew the name of the project besides @dansup was @yabirgb the @anfora developer.

Some might see us as competitors, we see it differently.

Together Anfora and Pixelfed are working to build fediverse features like Federated Filters, Live Streaming and Stories.

It's better when you work together.

@pixelfed @dansup @yabirgb @anfora Ah, the spirit of OSS. When standards are crafted by the people actually developing its uses :blobcat:

Speaking of which, is there an APub message for a calendar event (a la G Calendar)? Nextcloud probably did it already.

@dansup @pixelfed Definitely not GetTogether; it's apparently aimed for public meetups, while I'm looking for something to deal with lots of personal or limited-circle events. My "template" here is TimeTree.

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