Which feature are you most excited about?

- Circles
- Collections
- MomentUI/Dark Mode
- Stories

If you can't see the poll, reply to this toot with your choice!

We need to know what to focus on after full federation & mobile app support is released!

@pixelfed If you support stories I'll probably get like 50 people to switch, that's the main feature that Instagram has over Pixelfed.

Yeah, but there have to priotise mobile app though since that where people will usually browse the website.

@ahmd_amsyr @pixelfed That's true, but a mobile app is pretty easy in comparison to stories.

Yeah and stories must have high storage and bandwidth to operate. So good luck to @dansup

@ahmd_amsyr @dansup @pixelfed High bandwidth, yeah, but high storage? They're deleted after 24h.

OH yeah, there are deleted after 24 hours, but yeah, the bandwidth can be a problem but I think @dansup can tackle this problem.
@dansup @pixelfed

@ahmd_amsyr @DashEquals @pixelfed You can store 1TB of media using wasabi ($5/mth) or DO Spaces ($20+/mth). To give you an idea of how much media that is, hosts over 50k media (images/video) using only 13.5gb of storage.

An 8mb photo gets optimized to around 260kb on average.

In the future you will be able to shard media across various CDNs/accounts for redundancy/cost efficiency with any S3 compatible API object storage provider.

@DashEquals @ahmd_amsyr @pixelfed Not officially, but it has worked since the beginning. The only issue is the optimization pipeline. It expects local files. I look forward to shipping proper S3 support in a future release!

@dansup @ahmd_amsyr @pixelfed Ah, great! I don't have enough local storage so once S3 is fully compatible I'll be able to set up my instance!

@DashEquals @ahmd_amsyr @pixelfed Yeah, I am also working on a migration command/pipeline to move files between local/cloud or cloud/cloud. I need this for

@DashEquals @dansup @ahmd_amsyr @pixelfed same here, looking to do a S3 and Cloudfront deployment on AWS to give speed to serving images

Wow 50 K of image only taking 13gb of storage, that is really good compression since the image I see on pixelfed do not look like it being compress.
@DashEquals @pixelfed

@inditoot @ahmd_amsyr @DashEquals @pixelfed Storage is cheap, and you only transcode it once like Mastodon.

@pixelfed What are circles and stories?

(I mean I know the words, but, but I can already upload a picture of a circle or a photograph of a written down story now.)

@paulakreuzer @pixelfed Story = temporary post that disappears after 24 hours.

Circle = no idea what that is.

@paulakreuzer @pixelfed Stories are posts that are temporary displayed and auto-delete after 24h (as far as I know, because i'm not super into instagram).

I don't know what circles are.


Other 1: high quality previews (e g. sharing posts on Mastodon)

Other 2: completed federation. Comments, likes, boosts are still unreliable

Other 3: push notifications

A link describing what what is would be great (except dark mode perhaps ;))

@pixelfed I choosed Stories, but collections are cool too.
(And the api for fedilab ?)

Could somebody explain what Circles, Stories and Collections are exactly?


Circles - Create a custom list of recipients for your posts. Instead of Public visibility, you can use a Circle to share it with your friends/family.

Collections - Curated lists or albums of multiple posts, displayed on a new Profile tab.

Stories - Ephemeral posts to your followers that disappear after 24 hours.

1) Dark Mode so I can use the webpage
2) Circles so I can post freely
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