Which feature are you most excited about?

- Circles
- Collections
- MomentUI/Dark Mode
- Stories

If you can't see the poll, reply to this toot with your choice!

We need to know what to focus on after full federation & mobile app support is released!

@pixelfed What are circles and stories?

(I mean I know the words, but, but I can already upload a picture of a circle or a photograph of a written down story now.)

@paulakreuzer @pixelfed Stories are posts that are temporary displayed and auto-delete after 24h (as far as I know, because i'm not super into instagram).

I don't know what circles are.


Other 1: high quality previews (e g. sharing posts on Mastodon)

Other 2: completed federation. Comments, likes, boosts are still unreliable

Other 3: push notifications

A link describing what what is would be great (except dark mode perhaps ;))

@pixelfed I choosed Stories, but collections are cool too.
(And the api for fedilab ?)

Could somebody explain what Circles, Stories and Collections are exactly?


Circles - Create a custom list of recipients for your posts. Instead of Public visibility, you can use a Circle to share it with your friends/family.

Collections - Curated lists or albums of multiple posts, displayed on a new Profile tab.

Stories - Ephemeral posts to your followers that disappear after 24 hours.

1) Dark Mode so I can use the webpage
2) Circles so I can post freely
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