Introducing Simple Mode for Timelines, an experimental content-first timeline layout!

This experiment is already live on one instance, we look forward to your feedback!

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And to like content double click πŸ˜€ ?
(or we have to open each post to like it ?)

@teddybeard @pixelfed Do you want double tap because other apps behave that way? I think this app has a cool opportunity to try and do things differently. Besides, making double tap so central to interacting with content is a weird kind of alienation for the handicapped/marginalized who physically can't do that with their hands. Don't want to say you're wrong, because it's a good feature request -- I just want you to think about it :)

@crispy @teddybeard double-click-to-like is already live for some time, and in fact is more appropriate when simple mode is enabled (since there are no buttons)

Double tap works on simple and normal modeπŸ˜‰

@pixelfed It looks great! I think Pixelfed is firmly in the territory of unique features, and that now it is no longer an 'Instagram clone'. Its more like 'a privacy first, media focused social network'. I heard they're launching hidden likes soon over there. I wonder if they'll just start poaching / mimicking Pixelfed in general.

@pixelfed Is pixelfed up and running and if so, how does a person try out the service? Thank you

@pixelfed got ya. Any chance that info could be added to what I think is the main website:

Simple browsing like this is a very nice feature to have, thanks.

Suggestion 1: Add some kind of indication that double-tap did indeed work to mark as favorite.

Suggestion 2: Maybe this is something that the Fedi could consider as a whole– how about changing "hearts" and "stars" (favorites) for "bookmarks"? Mechanically it's the same but it makes sense linguistically and conceptually. Not everything can be your "favorite" but you can "bookmark" many things.


@pixelfed How can I use Pixelfed and which client should I take?

@phranck There's no mobile app ready yet. You can only use it in your browser.

@BastelAndi Okay, great! Do exist API documentation for developers to build some clients? 😊

@phranck As far as I know the API is recently integrated in version 0.9. There is client named "morii" in development.

@BastelAndi Oh, that's Flutter, great! I just elarn flutter 😊

@BastelAndi Hm... development of #morii seems to stuck. Last commit is from August 2018. πŸ€”

@phranck Ok, I didn't notice it. Nevertheless it's easy to use in the browser πŸ˜‰

@BastelAndi And... I just saw there is no way to register for it. So it seems it's still in alpha/beta? πŸ€”

@phranck Only on But you can register,for instance, on . That's where I am.

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