@pixelfed looks good in general. What's exactly the reason for leaving so much space? I need to scroll a lot and there is not so much information.

@marcus It is still a WIP and we plan to add a bit more content!

@pixelfed Much much better than the previous landing page. Simply displaying what the interface looks like gives a better impression than before.

Great work @dansup!

@pixelfed Thank you for a great platform on which to share our photos.

@pixelfed Welp, I'm logged out, and there's a "Join" link but there's no "Log In" link.

@pixelfed Oh wait, .org vs. .social.

It's too early in the morning for this. 😆

@silverseams @pixelfed I'm guessing that's because this website is for the Pixelfed project in general and not for any specific instance or server. To log in, you would need to visit the instance where your account was created.
(Assuming I'm understanding properly)

@narF Yep, that was what I realized (in the post immediately following that one).

It is too early on a Monday here. 😆

I was trying to add pixelfed.social to the fedilab app but its giving a 'page not found'. The fedilab app is a cute little thing and im loving it fir mastadon and friendica. It says it supports pixelfed also.

I hadn't seen this new one, it looks pretty clean. :D


@pixelfed why is the link to the list of pixelfed instances showing up empty? (On my iPad)

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