What is your favourite Mastodon mobile app? It will help us prioritize testing/compliance with Pixelfed.

(Tusky is not listed because we are already testing it)

ยท ยท Web ยท 55 ยท 42 ยท 21

@pixelfed Surely a dedicated app would be more appropriate...

@Gargron Yes, that is our goal eventually.

We don't have the resources to develop our own app at the moment so I hope its okay we support the Mastodon apps for now.

@pixelfed @Gargron Personally, I like the idea of using mastodon clients, as long as they work.

@pixelfed @Gargron I feel like making the website PWA smoother/more responsive would be a good in-between rn, although I'm just an end user for now so idk tbh

Hmmmm.... I would disagree... I would like one client for entire
@fedilab of course, but you are already testing it๐Ÿ™‚

@pixelfed I can only say amaroq because all other apps don't run on my older phone.

@StaleWhiteBread @pixelfed Dev refused to block gab despite many other app devs doing it because he doesn't want to "get involved"

@pixelfed mast is by far the best iOS app and Tusky for Android. Both also have amazing anti-racist policies.

@pixelfed I'm glad Tusky is already on testing ๐Ÿ’™ I can't vote since I only use Tusky, though

Sad to see that Fedilab is not even mentioned. Like if all my previous work has been forgotten. Well, even if I don't get help, I will keep doing my best for having Pixelfed working with Fedilab.



quoted "I'm already testing Fedilab, I have never used the 4 apps in the poll."

Hopefully not forgotten ๐Ÿ˜Ž

True @pixelfed. I'l using Fedilab for auite some time now and it is quite a sokid app.

List looks skewed. Half of the comments mention the absence of Fedilab.

Maybe it's because of the stupid "Fedilab doesn't block Gab" stuff again?

Don't be upset too much, @pixelfed has mentioned he is already testing Fedilab ๐Ÿ™‚
But yeah, this poll has confused a lot of people.

@fedilab As mentioned before, Fedilab is being tested along side Tusky. You're the first app developer who added Pixelfed support months ago, we have not forgotten that!

Thank you! I am sorry, I wrote this message before seing your reply to someone on this post. I do know that you have always supported work of app developers.
Fedilab will not be a dedicated app but pixelfed will have its dedicated entry. And I am happy to offer it through your work and help.

@pixelfed I was a user of tusky. Switched to pinafore so that's the app i use.

@pixelfed Tootdon, though theyโ€™ve discontinued it

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