What is your favourite Mastodon mobile app? It will help us prioritize testing/compliance with Pixelfed.

(Tusky is not listed because we are already testing it)

@pixelfed Surely a dedicated app would be more appropriate...


@Gargron Yes, that is our goal eventually.

We don't have the resources to develop our own app at the moment so I hope its okay we support the Mastodon apps for now.

ยท ยท Web ยท 3 ยท 2 ยท 6

@pixelfed @Gargron Personally, I like the idea of using mastodon clients, as long as they work.

@pixelfed @Gargron I feel like making the website PWA smoother/more responsive would be a good in-between rn, although I'm just an end user for now so idk tbh

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