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@pixelfed Will accept new registrations in the future?

@CaptainStack Nope, registration is permanently closed.

Users will be able to invite people in the near future, so you might be able to get an account that way.

@dansup Why did they choose to close it? I would think an official instance from the creators of the software would help adoption. Like helps Mastodon as a whole federated community grow.

@CaptainStack I chose to close registration to encourage the growth of other instances.

@dansup I think that makes sense, but I will say when I am in situations like this it tends to give me a lot of decision paralysis. I don't want to accidentally choose an instance that will shut down in a few years, or that takes forever to update the software, or that becomes a ghost town.

@CaptainStack trust is difficult to establish in decentralized services.

the only way to be 100% sure is to host your own.

many instances ask for donations to stay running if you don't want to deal with the technical of things.

@JoYo @dansup Of course, which is why I think it's so important for these projects to lead with flagship official servers. I'm a full time software engineer but I'm not ready to take on self-hosting. has around 7,000 users, the second biggest has just over 1,000, the third under 500. I think a big and successful primary instance ( will raise the tide for all the other servers more than the other way around. But that's just my opinion.

@JoYo @dansup I'm not just a software engineer, but I'm an open source and decentralization enthusiast.

I'm thinking about what is going to help all this stuff catch on for more casual users. If I'm hesitating to join then try getting my mom to make an account.

@CaptainStack @dansup I doubt I could get my mom to make an account if she expects her church friends to be posting actively.

I could see my mom viewing the photos I post when I send her the links, though.

You might be expecting this to spring up like a venture captialist funded social network but it's not going to.

it will grow as fast as it needs to.
pixelfed isn't going anywhere.

@JoYo I don't expect it to spring up like a venture capitalist funded social network, I just want it to be as accessible as possible precisely because I want the open source and decentralized community to take control back from venture-capital social media.

Open source projects fail all the time. There's no guarantee of success here. Nobody knows what will happen, but I think there's a reason Mastodon maintains I think it helps the platform overall.

@CaptainStack 2.5 million users.

I bet there's more that are selective with who they federated with.

@JoYo But isn't that the broader fediverse that has 2.5 million? I know they can talk to each other and that's part of the point, but I still think the d-web is new enough that it needs big strong nodes.

@CaptainStack they already have big strong nodes.

I'm not sure what you're expecting to see.

@JoYo Well I'd like to see a lot bigger and stronger because I want to see these open source, decentralized, and community owned/managed supplant the Facebooks and Twitters of the world.

And like, it seems like we disagree on strategy here and that's fine. These are just my opinions/suggestions for what I think would help growth overall and long term.

@CaptainStack this technology isn't brand new.
mastodon and pleroma are built on GNU social ostatus which was build on and statusnet.

xmpp was rigged with webui to do similar before that.

this isn't going anywhere, the need is larger than any one technology.
@CaptainStack closes registration all the time.

I had to wait a couple months to get my lurk account.

@JoYo I'm sure that's true, but I assume that's because of resources, not because they think closing will help Mastodon grow. I could be wrong - but if I was recommending Mastodon to the average person I'd recommend, even though I'm personally on

@CaptainStack The admin of prefers that new users are directed to
@CaptainStack @dansup is already big and successful.
now it's time to build up the other instances.

@JoYo 7,000 users is really not that big. Social media relies on a network effect and you really aren't going to get that until you have millions of users.

@CaptainStack you know that all the other federated servers have users too, right?

pixelfed federated with mastodon and pleroma and many thousands of instances.

there are already millions of users.

@JoYo Judging by the list of instances, it looks like it's under 10,000.

@pixelfed I first mistook this as a badge as in “Dansup is a Pixelfed sponsor”.

@fihu @pixelfed yeah maybe having the button simply say "donate" would be clearer

@heluecht Not yet, that is planned. We'll use the same format Mastodon uses for custom fields.

@pixelfed great \o/ is it too bad to ask account for .social instance? ;)

@survivor303 Sorry, registration is closed on that instance. Dark mode is supported on instances running v0.8.0 or later!

@pixelfed i know thats why i asked and it is like "official" instance so.. but ok. does pixelfed offer instagram import tool?

@survivor303 There is no official instance, Instagram Import is a feature on our roadmap!

@pixelfed ok, not like "real" official but erveyone is there ;)

@pixelfed @survivor303 what's with all the brand new accounts asking for registration on

@JoYo @pixelfed well my mastodon is on .social, so it just fit for me and because so many others are on .social :) i dunno is that bad?

@survivor303 no not bad, you're one of many new accounts asking for registration is all.

there is nothing special about a .social account.

my .com is like a 6th of the price annually.

I don't think has any intent to open registration.

try one of the other instances or host your own.
@survivor303 also mastodon isn't to bad for photos and video/audio support is in the works.
@survivor303 I'll usually post something on pixelfed then boost here to get more attention.

@JoYo i will host my own, mastodon and pixelfed is coming but for now, surely i wanted to check it out and with liable server.

@pixelfed about that import tool, please do somekind parser for that json file what comes with that exporting zip. so content gets their real date and timestamps.

@pixelfed A way to easily specify a license for the photos would also be great.

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