You can now add Patreon, Liberapay and OpenCollective links to your profile!


@pixelfed Will accept new registrations in the future?

@CaptainStack Nope, registration is permanently closed.

Users will be able to invite people in the near future, so you might be able to get an account that way.

@dansup Why did they choose to close it? I would think an official instance from the creators of the software would help adoption. Like helps Mastodon as a whole federated community grow.

@CaptainStack I chose to close registration to encourage the growth of other instances.

@dansup I think that makes sense, but I will say when I am in situations like this it tends to give me a lot of decision paralysis. I don't want to accidentally choose an instance that will shut down in a few years, or that takes forever to update the software, or that becomes a ghost town.

@pixelfed I first mistook this as a badge as in “Dansup is a Pixelfed sponsor”.

@fihu @pixelfed yeah maybe having the button simply say "donate" would be clearer

@heluecht Not yet, that is planned. We'll use the same format Mastodon uses for custom fields.

@pixelfed great \o/ is it too bad to ask account for .social instance? ;)

@survivor303 Sorry, registration is closed on that instance. Dark mode is supported on instances running v0.8.0 or later!

@pixelfed i know thats why i asked and it is like "official" instance so.. but ok. does pixelfed offer instagram import tool?

@survivor303 There is no official instance, Instagram Import is a feature on our roadmap!

@pixelfed ok, not like "real" official but erveyone is there ;)

@pixelfed about that import tool, please do somekind parser for that json file what comes with that exporting zip. so content gets their real date and timestamps.

@pixelfed A way to easily specify a license for the photos would also be great.

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