You can now add Patreon, Liberapay and OpenCollective links to your profile!


@pixelfed great \o/ is it too bad to ask account for .social instance? ;)


@survivor303 Sorry, registration is closed on that instance. Dark mode is supported on instances running v0.8.0 or later!

@pixelfed i know thats why i asked and it is like "official" instance so.. but ok. does pixelfed offer instagram import tool?

@survivor303 There is no official instance, Instagram Import is a feature on our roadmap!

@pixelfed ok, not like "real" official but erveyone is there ;)

@pixelfed @survivor303 what's with all the brand new accounts asking for registration on

@JoYo @pixelfed well my mastodon is on .social, so it just fit for me and because so many others are on .social :) i dunno is that bad?

@survivor303 no not bad, you're one of many new accounts asking for registration is all.

there is nothing special about a .social account.

my .com is like a 6th of the price annually.

I don't think has any intent to open registration.

try one of the other instances or host your own.
@survivor303 also mastodon isn't to bad for photos and video/audio support is in the works.
@survivor303 I'll usually post something on pixelfed then boost here to get more attention.

@JoYo i will host my own, mastodon and pixelfed is coming but for now, surely i wanted to check it out and with liable server.

@pixelfed about that import tool, please do somekind parser for that json file what comes with that exporting zip. so content gets their real date and timestamps.

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