Before we ship the Collections feature, we want your feedback!

Does the flow of composing a new collection make sense? What could we do to improve it?

Thanks in advance, boosts appreciated!

@monkeyless Nope, that is a great idea. We'll add it, thanks!

@pixelfed would also be nice to see added pictures without having to switch tabs.

@monkeyless This has been the most common feedback we've received. We're updating the UI and will post an update soon. Thanks for the feedback!

@pixelfed Does it only show a certain number of recent posts? (If so, how many?)

Getting to the New Collection from Add Post seems odd to me over having it be its own menu icon. But I also don't know anything about UI design.

@Magess It shows up to 9 posts, however since it uses the same API as the Profile does, there is no reason why we couldn't show all your public posts.

@pixelfed I would probably be more likely to build a collection by scrolling through all my posts and clicking them than by scrolling through my timeline in a second tab and copying URLs.

Can you select several at once? Like if I want to put all the photos I've posted of my dog together, just scroll through past posts and check all the ones I want and do a single add?

@Magess Yeah good point, we're updating the UI and will post an update soon. Thanks for the feedback!

@pixelfed Cheers. :)

I will totally make collections of my dogs. ;)

@pixelfed An additional thought for people who have LOTS of posts might be some way to filter the scroll list by tags or by date ranges.

@pixelfed I say all this with no knowledge of what performance hits the site would take.

@Magess We're using the same API for recent posts as the profiles use. It's not too bad performance wise!

@pixelfed I think it would be more intuitive if everytime you added a post, it displays a thumbnail or a list of the posts you have added so far to let the user know what they are adding.

But also still keeping the preview tab.

@geotechland Thanks for the feedback, will see what we can do!


What impact on Collections storage could it cause?

Is it possible to organize and view the Collections by date, names or theme for example?

@Anprim That is a possibility in the future, for now they will be pretty simple.

@Anprim Collections are basically lists of status ids, stored in the database. They do not use much space.


hope menu within button can be avoided. i feel many users will not find it convenient or will miss it completely

collection: if a person searches for earth and find a bunch they like, they can long press on one and it will then allow for multiple selections. For desktop, they can drag box to make a selection.

Once they are ready, they can button submit to add to collection. If multiple collections exists, then after button submit, it will ask them to choose a collection to add to

@pixelfed I agree with @okpierre about the menu-nesting. Not sure what a better solution is though. Also, I think this UI flow is great creating collections out of existing posts, but it feels a bit tedious for adding a new post to a collection. Setting up a new collection out of all new posts feels like it’d magnify the the fiddliness.

@pixelfed I think having a final preview before the final creation step can help. Similar to a confirmation reminder prior to making any changes

@pixelfed I think this flow makes total sense in the case where we’re making a new collection out of existing posts. If there aren’t existing posts (ex: I just took a hike and have several “mountain” and “flower” photos that aren’t posted yet), my brain goes “collection-first” and wants to make those kinds of buckets ahead of (or amidst) posting those new images.

@pixelfed Or I guess another way I’m thinking about it: if I’ve got a collection of images I haven’t posted yet, how easily can I post that set together as a Collection? Or do I functionally need to decompose my collection, post each image serially, and then wrap them up in a Collection afterwards?

Maybe another entry when you click on the three dots on a specific post with an option: Add to collection

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