You can now follow accounts from other Pixelfed instances! 🎉 🚀

@pixelfed is there any public listing of accounts? other instances don't have an obvious public feed

@spudboy No not yet, we are going to add an opt-in profile directory in a future release.

@spudboy One thing you can do right now is find accounts by searching different hashtags.


@spudboy Not yet, we will add remote posts in a future release!

@pixelfed lol sorry, i misunderstood! thanks for responding 😈

@indio @pixelfed Tbh, you are never really "finished". Things evolve, new implementations spring up and introduce AS verbs that nobody else was using.

When you focus on the UI first, people actually use your software.

@dansup Very sad to hear. Depressing in fact, because people's taste for UI design will forever be changing, and I feel it's becoming a drag for feature improvements in many programs.
Although, an art-related social network has to be an exception since it's mainly used for presenting your art to other people, so it's gotta be pretty from the beginning.

@pixelfed How do we do it? There's a user I want to follow on another instance, but when I search on that user's URL and click the follow button on the search result, I get redirected to her profile but I don't see any confirmation that I follow her. 🤔 I'm on and she's on

@Antzee @pixelfed The trick for me was to do a Cmd/Ctrl + Click instead of a normal click in order to prevent the redirection. Weird behavior but it seems to work.

@kevinronceray @pixelfed This trick worked - I'm able to follow now, but pictures from other instances don't show up in my Home timeline, which I presume they should?

@Antzee @pixelfed Yes I guess it should. I haven't been able to check yet, since the people I follow from other instances didn't publish new post

@kevinronceray @pixelfed A couple of the people I follow have posted yesterday, and I don't see their pictures.

@Antzee @pixelfed Same experience for me on my self-hosted pixelfed instance on origin/dev repo. True pixelfed instance federation feels so close yet falls short just by that one wee bit. 😮

Correction! I have found that my Pixelfed instance does indeed seem to follow users on other instances. The remote follow process that you described redirects but in turn follows that account (check the follower count on your profile) without further ado. I received a new post by one of the people I follow remotely. This is really exciting! 😎

@pete Aha - it coud be that only new posts will show on my home feed. I'll wait and see, thanks for the information! 😀

If you want to speed this process up you can add my Pixelfed handle and let me know once added so I push a new posting. Just an idea. 😏

@pete Users I follow from other instances are starting to appear in my home timeline! 😍

@Antzee Awesome! I like to hear that. ✌️
Did you receive any follow requests to your pixelfed account from other instances yet? If so, do _they_ receive your posts?
Being able to follow user across instances and receiving their posts seems like only one half of the full equation. 😉

@pixelfed @dansup The guy who owns this site said you'd get a rise out of that. ;-)

@pixelfed I'm not able to locate the "Follow" buttons on Pixelfed accounts in other instances :pensive_party_blob: Was this feature removed?

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