@pixelfed So have Pixelfed reversed the decision on lacking text posts, or is that going to be removed from microUI?

@oct2pus @pixelfed You will be able to make text only posts on Pixelfed using MicroUI, but they will only be visible on MicroUI or other implementations that support text only.

@dansup @pixelfed i do worry that'd be very confusing for users. I hope you got some on-boarding to explain that. I do think MicroUI is my favorite frotnend UI so far tho.

@oct2pus @pixelfed We have big plans for user on-boarding, including a new instance picker and network tracker.

Most users will only see MetroUI, our Help Center will be updated with information about each UI in the near future 👍

@pixelfed Can we get the option to hide follower count also on the home page? (I don't want to see it, it's stressful 😂)

@pixelfed goat!! Finally a reputable Instagram alternative!

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