Have you tried the new Compose UI?

What do you think of it so far? We're working on finishing some features and bug fixes and could use some feedback :blobpeek:

@pixelfed I tried it... have you tried using it when your connection is restricted to e.g. 100KB/s (yes, such things still happen)? I miss a button "just take the original image, don't crop, don't apply filters, don't even download filter previews, just take me to the caption dialog". Also, the preview shown in the crop dialog could be taken from the local image instead of being re-downloaded(?). And: the given aspect ratios are too restrictive, they won't work for e.g. wide panorama shots.

@anathem Thank you for the feedback, we're making some changes.

@pixelfed Very happy that I can now crop (though I wish it defaulted to using maximum amount of image for the specified aspect ratio, instead of me having to adjust the crop every time).

Biggest limitation for me is that there appears to be no way to include multiple photos in a single post. Even if I select multiple at upload time, only one actually shows up. (Even with the old UI there’s no way to set the order of images & they always upload in random order, so I have to upload 1-at-time.)

@andrewabernathy We're going to be updating the ComposeUI soon. Thanks for the feedback!

@pixelfed Also, I’m trying to be more observant of accessibility needs, so I’m looking forward to the image description being implemented (and I wish it didn’t require delving into the Advanced section; it’s going to be *primary* for some audiences).

Thanks for all the work!

@pixelfed I love it; cropping and rotation are excellent but the filter picker is greatly improved my experience!

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