The new Admin Badge will be rolling out in v0.10.3!

Im personally fine with this icon. But some people may say it gives the impression pixelfed admins run their servers like a monarchy 🤔😅

@geotechland @pixelfed well, it could be. They haven't been online long enough for their descendents to take over, so we can't be sure 😏

And thus going against the spirit of the fediverse's more bottom up approach to governance 🧐

@geotechland The crown icon itself was recommended in the dev channel. We are open to suggestions on alternative font-awesome icons for the admin badge!

@pixelfed Would be cool if we can prove our identity on pixefed and then we receive a bue verified badge. Of course the admin with the red to make distintion

@pixelfed please take this in consideration, is just to avoid parody accounts and bots

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