@pixelfed Commitment to dates is fine, as long as the scope is left undefined. 😉


What is this number? An UnitedStatian date ? Month date year ?

Today is 190911

11th anniversary

@clacke @pixelfed

#unambious ???

In contrary you informe me that this number is a date but the format is not understandable.

Could be year.date.month

@tofeo @pixelfed Only the first number (in the OP) can be a month as the others are >12, and there is only one format out of the existing three DDMMYY, MMDDYY and YYMMDD that has the month first.

That said, 09/17-19 would have hinted better at the interpretation, and 2019–09-17 would have been unambiguous (and better in other ways) regardless of the date in question.

@tofeo @pixelfed
Today's 2019-09-11. That's the only valid date format ;)

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