Hey Instagram users, did you know you can export your account?

Pixelfed will be rolling out experimental Instagram Import soon!

@Anprim olá! #Pixelfed foi criado para partillar "ao vivo", semellante ao instagram, nao é un almacenamento como a google photos, amazon, flickr, etc. A cota de almacenaxe é limitada porén en comparación e as funcións son diferentes.


@xosem @pixelfed

Estava a pensar em um modo de saída de usuários do Google Fotos sem terem quer fazer download de arquivos. :anarchoheart2:🌞

@Anprim @pixelfed I don't understand why you'd want to export from Google photos to pixelfed, one is a private photo backup service and the other is a photo sharing network?

@wolfie @pixelfed

The goal was to get a Google Photos exit method as well. But the user will have to download

@Anprim @pixelfed I still don't understand how pixelfed could provide a replacement for what Google photos does

@pixelfed Yes! I’ve been waiting all Summer for the Instagram import feature.

Nein, bis dato noch nicht... danke für den Hinweis...

wann ist soon und wäre das dann ein einmaliger Import oder kämen auch neue Posts auf #Instagram bei #Pixelfed an? 🤔

Bin ja auf der Suche nach einer #Bridge, da würde der einmalige #Import nichts helfen 😒

@pixelfed @l1am0 @scroom

@pixelfed What means soon in this context? Is it like the federation soon?

@dansup yeah we'll just wait another time for the import stuff because we can't start without it! ^^

@fence @jr Yeah I kind of miss it, why won't anyone fork Pixelfed 😔

@dansup @fence Could be because there are not many people out there that understand and can write Laravel

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