That will, but it's not in prod yet. Tests are currently proceeded on dev instances.
@mrkikos @pixelfed @JPEG @tootapp

@inhosin @fedilab @pixelfed @JPEG @tootapp
I use #Mast and i’m very happy with it. But you can’t connect a pixelfed account in Mast, may be in future update...

@pixelfed @fedilab @rick_777

Awesome. This is going to drive adoption massively.

I’ve always believed (perhaps wrongly) that the reason Diaspora* didn’t become the Fediverse is due to the lack of a mobile app. The devs decided to focus on building a website that works well in mobile instead. But it’s not enough - a mobile website isn’t an app. Social media is primarily done on mobiles and lack of an app will starve it.

Really looking forward to pixelfed on mobile.


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