Artists and photographers on the fediverse aren't limited to Pixelfed!

The fediverse has two well established Mastodon instances for art and photography.

Your friends and fans can follow your or account from Pixelfed or other supported implementations!

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@pixelfed how do I follow people on other instances via #PixelFed?

Typing their full username into the search bar of didn't seem to be working...πŸ˜•

@badrihippo Are you using the proper URL format?

ex: hxxps://

(replace hxxps with https)

@pixelfed oh right, I was trying the Mastodon format. Didn't realise PixelFed uses a different one; it's working now. Thanks! 😁

@OlliausStuhr here's the solution, in case you were looking for it!

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