We have successfully tested @fedilab and @Tusky with Pixelfed!

We expect to 🚀 v0.10.6 within the next 24 hours, with mobile app support 🎉

@alanhernesto @pixelfed @fedilab @Tusky haha of course! I expect fediverse aficionados to go try it out more easily now.

Though it's a shame the general population does not (yet) see the value of privacy and the benefits of a federated network. I already believe the fediverse to be vastly more beneficial than twitter+instagram (+reddit+youtube one day hopefully). But network effects…

@yarmo @pixelfed @fedilab @Tusky network effects and the fact federation is a bit weird and complex fof the average user :c

@alanhernesto @pixelfed @fedilab @Tusky true, I'm quite technical but it took me way too long to understand federation 😞

@yarmo @pixelfed @fedilab @Tusky yeah hahaha, plus it has the little issue of not always getting all the content from other instances

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