We know there are a few issues with mobile support. We've shipped some fixes, please update to the latest version of @fedilab or @Tusky !

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@pixelfed @Tusky
Are there any limitations? If I try to log in with the instance I'm registered with, I get an authentication error right away. If I enter as instance name, it redirects me to the instance's authorization page, so I gather it works for it.

Unfortunately, I cannot register with, as it is closed. :) And smaller instances are useless, as far as I can see. Too few people and can't communicate with other instances. :(

@SeventhMagpie @pixelfed from my understanding, the server needs to be caught up on releases, and the server admin turn it on.
Ask you pixelfed admin.

@Tusky I suspected as much. Well, he keeps his instance up to date, probably needs to turn it on.

Thanks for clarification!

@pixelfed quick question: why don't you use git tags for the releases? It would be soooo easier to track changes... please? ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

@pixelfed @fedilab @Tusky

@pixelfed @Tusky
Awesome. Still waiting for 9.1 to appear on F-Droid.
In 9.0 Tusky crashes from time to time when scrolling through pixelfed.

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