We have a blog!

We'll be posting at least once a week, and you can follow it thanks to @writeas_org !

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@pixelfed @writeas_org How exactly is it possible to follow it? I can't find an address or link.

@ju @pixelfed @writeas_org ok it didn't become a link, but you put that in the search within mastodon

@thoughtcrime @ju @write_as @pixelfed @writeas_org @pixelfed @PixelFed they are pretty light weight though and you can't follow other people from your writeas blog, and you can just paste in the search bar on mastodon and it'll bring up the account in a format you can follow so aside from pixelfed mentioning it with the @ in their first toot there's not much else anyone could have done to make it easier πŸ™‚

@ju @wolfie @pixelfed @writeas_org @pixelfed @PixelFed I freakin' love the #fediverse !! This is something that centralized silos can't or won't ever be able to do!!!! :)

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