We are testing one of the most requested features, Instagram Import.

With recent developments, we feel confident that we can ship this feature without overloading instance resources!

@pixelfed will it still be possible for those posts to federate after import?

For example, would putting the URL in my MastoFE search box pull in the photo to my stream?

@pixelfed yes! I’ve been waiting for the Instagram import since day 1

@pixelfed Great!
What is the second most requested after this one? An app?

@patrickloonstra @pixelfed
I think it's Instagram synch (you post on Instagram, it's "copied" on PixelFed where it federates). But it might be an impossible feature du to Instagram closed API

@nolan This will make no sence from the @pixelfed perspective. It provides that peeps are keep using Instagram instead of moving over to Pixelfed.

@patrickloonstra @pixelfed You don't imagine the number of people who don't open a Pixelfed account just because of the lack of such feature....

@eggix @patrickloonstra @pixelfed Fedilab is only available on Android. A dedicated Pixelfed App would be great.

@Lu @eggix @pixelfed To bad, I use iOS.
But a dedicated app is a good reason for me to start using it more intensively.

@pixelfed I have deleted all my photos from Instagram, but I downloaded a backup using Instagram’s tool. Will I be able to import them from this file?

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