Which feature do you want the most?

@pixelfed I know (Or at least assume) your mission is to be like #Instagram (In a really different way). So, what you should do first of all is creating a better search engine that can look for users in other instances and less precise. For example: If I want to search for, I can get it by searching July Angela (Or something similar). I don't know, just saying.:thaenkin:

@lucasdondo @pixelfed
I agree with you. If I am on I don't know how to follow people on

@pixelfed Native S3 storage support (like Mastodon and Funkwhale)

@manu We have supported S3 for over a year, the issue is lack of documentation. We are working on that!


Better mobile app ?? What mobile app exists today?

@tofeo @pixelfed currently you can use existing Mastodon apps like Tusky, Fedilab and other, since Pixelfed API is rather compatible.

Though you can view images, like and comment, honestly this is not the experience you'd expect from Pixelfed mobile app.

But I believe this is only the beginning.

@groosha @pixelfed

I once tryed with tusky but It didnt work. I will try again

@groosha @pixelfed

I try with tusky and have an error when I put the instance

Echec d'authentification auprés de l'instance

@tofeo @pixelfed I mean, what Pixelfed instance you want to connect Tusky with? As far as I see, you're setting your own instance, right? What's its version?

#Fedilab has some level of Pixelfed support. I'm not very familiar with Pixelfed, though, so I'm not sure if it's full support.

@rchive @pixelfed

Thank you I tryed with Tusky and it works well.

Fedilab is showing the real name, not the screenname when I look at pictures.

@pixelfed I think there should have been a mobile app first. It’s nearly impossible to build something big and widely accepted with a website instead of an app nowadays

@Lu @pixelfed 💯 this. App should’ve been a day one feature.

Thoughts on @pixelfed

The thing I enjoy most about #Mastodon is the community and conversation. Self-hosting, controlling your data, etc. is a must, but I love the people here.

I voted for a mobile app because I feel less connected to my :pixelfed: peeps. I typically turn off notifications on apps, but I just feel that there are very few comments happening on :pixelfed: and I think that is key to building community. Or, perhaps I don't follow the right peeps on #pixelfed 😓

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