Which feature do you want the most?

@manu We have supported S3 for over a year, the issue is lack of documentation. We are working on that!

Fedilab is showing the real name, not the screenname when I look at pictures.

@pixelfed I think there should have been a mobile app first. It’s nearly impossible to build something big and widely accepted with a website instead of an app nowadays

@Lu @pixelfed 💯 this. App should’ve been a day one feature.

Thoughts on @pixelfed

The thing I enjoy most about #Mastodon is the community and conversation. Self-hosting, controlling your data, etc. is a must, but I love the people here.

I voted for a mobile app because I feel less connected to my :pixelfed: peeps. I typically turn off notifications on apps, but I just feel that there are very few comments happening on :pixelfed: and I think that is key to building community. Or, perhaps I don't follow the right peeps on #pixelfed 😓

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