If you could change one thing about pixelfed, what would it be?

@pixelfed That the upload of photos through #tusky works. It gets blocked, potentially due to size limits or such. This was an issue with #mastodon at some point but seemingly it was fixed, potentially by server-side rescaling the photo, I don't know, but I can upload photos to mastodon but not pixelfed, which is kinda disappointing because that's the natural platform for it. :)

@rhonda Du kannst dich mit deinem Pixelfed Account bei Tusky einloggen? Ich kann das nämlich nicht. (yes I tried) o.O

@pixelfed getting my account on back which i forgot the credentials for 🙈

@technicallypossible Have you tried a password reset or do you forget the email you used?

@pixelfed A fast, native android app for posts and stories.

@Chaos_99 @pixelfed Yep, that'd be awesome. If I knew my way through Android app dev, I'd try to help out.

@jk @pixelfed
Agree ! And would be nice to have a public timeline for non login users. the square format or the instagram-style home page that requires an account to browse the instance >_>

@KazukyAkayashi and fullscreen images, bigger than the non-fullscreen frame.

@pixelfed The Dark Mode. From blue to more black & grey and another font colour. This dark grey on the blue background is sometimes a bit hard to read.

Oh, and of course a standalone app instead of having to use the mobile browser ;P

@pixelfed lack of native apps! React "Native" and Flutter don't count

Better and more visible metadata.
Especially licence is interesting but also location, hashtags maybe stuff from ExIf (orientation, flash...)

@pixelfed Replace the upper and lower black frame with a white or light grey frame (when publishing images in landscape format).

@pixelfed more Locations, not just like the big cities around.

@suyin @pixelfed I would love to be able to put my own locations in - for this project, the specific place at a particular airport, for one of my alts it would be specific gig venues in a city.
Also, I've noticed that Switzerland seems to be absent from the Locations section - Zurich and Geneva are both missing.

@pixelfed Making it way (!) easier to find and follow users from different instances.


If i could drink a coffee with the pixelfed developer 😊

@pixelfed an option to stay logged in. I always need to login again when I visit pixelfed and it's annoying me.

@pixelfed 2FA : code requested each time I log in, even on same computer...


I've found that exploring pixelfed from the outside isn't perfect yet. Particularly when it seems the mastodon side of things takes forever to update avatars and about section.

That's something I'd like to see improvement on.

@pixelfed I personally find it unfortunate that pixelfed was written in PHP. It is extremely easy to write unsafe code in PHP and quite hard to be consistently rigorous when the language itself just seems to invite shoddiness.As a result, PHP has gained a bad reputation, and mainly those who do not really care about that sort of thing (or never learned anything else) stuck around. The resulting community is toxic and code quality is still an issue. Many of the pros have simply turned elsewhere.

@pixelfed Make also be able to used like Twitter or Tumblr. A PHP alternative to Mastodon (that's not GNU Social) would be nice.

@mkljczk @pixelfed I've tried the first two and wasn't satisfied. I also had trouble getting NextCloud to work with a friend.

@pixelfed I’d like to have discovery and interaction with other PF instances and the rest of the fediverse be easy and seamless

@trevormeier @pixelfed exactly that. just that. only thing that's keeping me from using it and recommending it to everyone i know.


From mobile UX standpoint:

- When commenting, previous comment should display
- browser notifications

I generally don't use pixelfed on my desktop as I use it pass time on my mobile device. But these could be worthy additions to the desktop UX.

if I share photo I would like to see it on my home timeline and maybe will be interesting to see all share photos on my profile like bookmarks

@pixelfed native apps for iOS an Android. I use my smartphone to make photos and videos and not my PC...

@pixelfed Following people on other instances or on other #fediverse servers (ie, from Mastodon, Pleroma, etc) is still problematic sometimes.
Follow requests don't always come through, or we can't always find people, and it would be nice to be able to do this.

@pixelfed make it easier to find/follow people on other instances

@pixelfed Much less frequent 2FA challenges. Major hurdle to me suggesting pixelfed to others, who would often go more than 2 days between visits and would quickly tire of this and give up. (Maybe most instances have much longer expirations and I only see this because of where my account is. / Safari on iDevices & desktop.)

@pixelfed ability to interact with stories. I don’t think that DMs would be good because they aren’t actually private and that pixelfed doesn’t have them is a pro.

Maybe allow people to comment on stories by swiping up? And after the story expires so do the comments?

@pixelfed the notifications are still pretty meh. I can't really put into words what it is about them, but I don't really feel that motivated to engage with anyone that's engaging with me.

@pixelfed I would like it to federate better. I can not see my posts in my pixelfed account in my mastodon timeine

@pixelfed That I can drag and drop my pic when posting like back in the days cause it's much faster.

Being able to interact with posts in discover tab without leaving the page for opening them

@pixelfed Foto albums with 50 pics capacity, so one can have a "whole holiday" in one album.


The federation with other pixelfed instances and the fediverse.

@pixelfed Being able to browse through someone's photos without backing out to the profile page, e.g. left-right arrows to advance through the photos.

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