Instagram removes ability to view posts unless you are logged in.

Another example of why open source alternatives are increasingly important!

@pixelfed I don't think Instagram has been liking #Bibliogram (which still somewhat works).

Ditching Instagram completely is more important, though!

@pixelfed I don't think that's true. On my machine it's working fine. Maybe there's an a/b test going on?

The stories don't work without login and AFAIK that has been confirmed for a long time now which kinda sucks.

@Wraptile I cannot tell for how long this has been going but I cannot see regular posts. Also the profile page only shows some posts and then demands a login.


It's locked for me. It's takes a second or 10 before the overlay with login-form pops up.

@pixelfed Quora does something almost as obnoxious, you can start reading a discussion and then... bam, please log in.

@michel_slm @pixelfed It can be really annoying when I find answer to something

@pixelfed Any word on Instragram import and/or recommendations of tasks related to it that would be good for a first-time contributor?

@pixelfed Is there any chance of a Pixelfed docker image? Looking to switch to a NAS and take my Pixelfed install with me ^^

I can access some posts of some accounts, others do require to login.

@frd I think all accounts require a login after you scroll

@pixelfed with Tor Browser for example you get this alert "you are not logged in". With other browsers it it is possible. But it is not nice...

@pixelfed isn’t it funny, that all those services that were build leveraging the power of an open Internet and free software now try to create a proprietary Justusnet through their huge marketshare? 🤔

@pixelfed Insta...what? Never used it. Don't even know what that is 🤣

@pixelfed do not explain to me that 😂 i'm already using mastodon so you should explain to other users on fb, twitter and insta

@esmailelbob @pixelfed Used on Facebook Disservices don't care...they already have an account and are logging in when needed.

@pixelfed Is it possible to simply remove the overlay with the inspector?

@pixelfed This started happening back in September for some use cases.


"Instagram removes ability to view posts unless you are logged in."

but it's been like that forever ;)

@pixelfed @dansup very annoying, but still works on mobile 🤷‍♂️

@pixelfed That login screen can be easily blocked with an adblocker using the appropriate blocklists.

@Rynach @pixelfed

Let’s hope Instagram’s IT staff is not as annoyingly competent as Pinterest’s.

Pinterest is always in a hare vs. hedgehog race with the people who write Greasemonkey scripts and the like. The userscript coders find a way and shortly afterwards… BAM! - the hole in the garden’s wall is plugged again.


@pixelfed and if you delete it via dev console you still cant scroll

I totally agree and love using #Pixelfed. I have reported an issue with federation of the 2 biggest Pixelfed instances .social and .de

@pixelfed actually you can go to dev mode from your web browser click on the post of your target and grab the href<> it should looks like "/p/xxxxx" then paste it at the end of the target url eg: "" 👍 actually I do not have instagram at all, I'm sure I will open my account with you guys 😎

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