@pixelfed Except sign-ups are closed on pixelfed.social! πŸ” Let us in! πŸ“·

@erik @pixelfed Lucky you! (But there's 7 billion of us over here that aren't. 😰)

@apanthropist @pixelfed Don't be sad, one big advantage of the fediverse is decentralization, it does not matter which instance of Pixelfed you join - and you can run your own server too (which I do).

@erik @pixelfed Yeah, but the next biggest instance seems to be in Germany, and I don't speak German. I might try signing up and seeing if any of it is available in English, but from what I could see of it, there didn't seem to be.

@pixelfed dm me a invite to pixelfed.social and I got you guys with some photos

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