One more thing

We are working closer than ever with mobile app developers

Mobile app support for Pixelfed is our top priority!

@pixelfed wiiii! Is it at all possible to get tusky to work with pixelfed?
While the fedilab dev might be a competent coder, they're rather incompetent politically. If I would not be forced to use that app, it would be great.


@panina Tusky should work on a supported Pixelfed instance. If you have 2FA enabled it won't work, and we are working to fix that that bug!

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@pixelfed wiiii yes now it does! It might have been a couple of months since I tried it last time :)
Fantastic ❤️❤️❤️

@pixelfed @panina replying to posts still crashes Tusky. It wasn't clear when reenabled mobile support as it has been in different states of brokenness for a while. Announcements would have been handy to let people know when it was working.

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