Leaner and Cleaner

The new MicroUI empowers a wider range of fediverse activity and interactions.

Shipping Soon!

Damm that looks very cool, i like the contrasting UI. But as a request, maybe a dark theme?

@pixelfed Ça ma rappelle l'ancienne interface de Qwant le menu à gauche… 🤔

@pixelfed Will there ever be a way to make the photos center of attention in the UI, more like flickr does it? I really like the project but I'm uncomfortable of taking taking a 24MP photo with a full frame camera, and then showing it on a 4096x2160 px screen in a 680x380 px size.

@pixelfed hm, but the UI shows the picture with a width and hight of 670px even though the original picture is 1080px big, how is it different to the previous UI?

@pixelfed El diseño de las publicaciones tipo marco Polaroid, le sienta genial a la página para mostrar fotografías. Gran trabajo. 😀👍

@pixelfed But since the last update, federation doesn't work anymore. So... :iosrolleyes:

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