We shipped a new feature!

Recent Posts displays up to 6 posts on existing posts, making it easier for people to discover your amazing content. πŸ₯³

We have many more exciting features in development.

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@dansup @pixelfed Awesome! I've actually just figure out there's a tag page you can follow like however what does follow actual mean here? Posts with these hashtags will appear in my "home" page?

@pixelfed @dansup what means "shipped" in this context? Is there a new release?

@gcrkrause It means its been merged in our main "dev" branch and safe to run in production!

@pixelfed I don't know about the usage of iOS emojis. Are they open-source like Twemoji is? :blobderp: :blobcatthink:

@pixelfed you also have improved federation. I don't know why/how but I'm now seeing more pictures from my fedifriends outside pixelfed. Thanks btw

@pixelfed Your product might be a good replacement for all them ex-G+ers. πŸ‘

@pixelfed I'm really enjoying it. Too bad Brazilians haven't discovered this social networking wonder yet.

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