Notifications now support tooltips with image previews!

Now you can know what post someone liked without leaving the page.

@eloisa We are working on one and with other developers like Tusky to improve support for existing apps!

@pixelfed that'd be awesome, to use pixelfed almost natively thru Tusky, yes, plz! I'm mobile-only, most of the time. This is why I insist on apps. Thanks!

@eloisa @pixelfed You can use Hermit [1] which allows you to turn webpages to apps (or firefox/chrome browsers can do that too).

Since Pixelfed is a PWA (progressive web app) it works on mobile almost as natively as a normal app would.

1 -

@Wraptile @pixelfed how does it deal with ads? I saw a review on it that it doesn't quite keep up and that worries me. :s

I'd still prefer a true dedicated app.

@eloisa @pixelfed It actually has built-in adblock though it's not something amazing, as far as ads in the app itself? There are none. There's lite version which is free and paid version gives you few more tiny features.

I actually prefer it to Tusky and other apps as Tusky is always behind on features and stability compared to mastodon or pixelfed mobile frontend.

I use it for pixelfed, mastodon, lemmy, socialhome, peertube — pretty much every modern webpage :)

@pixelfed it doesn't work on "X shared your post" notifications though

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