The new Post UI will be rolling out later this week!

Some highlights:

- Tagged People
- New Reply UI
- Improved Comment Threading
- Keyboard shortcuts
- Profile preview cards
- Live Comment Mode

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@pixelfed is this a new planned release or a merge to master ?
We need release files for #yunohost integration, that's why I'm asking.

@pixelfed These sound like nice updates, but I ask this with love and also as a non-developer who acknowledges that I know next to nothing about managing projects like this:

How is the API and mobile app situation doing? And how many times has the posting UI been redesigned?

Is it worth considering whether efforts are being overspent in some places?

@chartier We are working with app developers to resolve outstanding bugs.

The Compose UI (v4) was released last September.

We are running a month or two behind schedule and hope to catch up this summer!

@pixelfed Hopefully this new update includes fixes for federated replies and comments problems.

@pixelfed anyway I can use pixelfed on my phone, other than a browser? I use an Android.

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